Getting 405 Error on Party endpoint using Postman/PUT


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Getting 405 Error on Party endpoint using Postman/PUT


I have a valid Bearer token under the MANAGER account, and I can do GETs all day, but when I try to do the simplest of PUT operations, I'm getting a "The requested resource does not support http method 'PUT'." message.

I'm using GitHub examples from a previous Innovations.

Here are my Raw headers:

{"$type": "	Asi.Soa.Membership.DataContracts.PersonData, Asi.Soa.Membership.Contracts",

"PersonName": {
    "$type": "Asi.Soa.Membership.DataContracts.PersonNameData, Asi.Contracts",
    "FirstName": "Douglas",
    "InformalName": "Dougie",

I'm using the iMIS demo DB. I've messed around a bunch with the web config, thinking maybe the PUT command was not being preflighted or CORS approved, but everything looks good there.

Also, can anyone help with the derivation of the $type parameter, is it needed/required for PUT requests, where is the value derived from and how do I know if I'm using the proper $type values? I've messed around a bunch with those as well, but no luck.

One other question, is there a reason I can't do a Get from the Organization endpoint? Just 500 errors on that.

I'm using Axios/Vue to create an app, and Axios is also giving me the same error as Postman when trying a Put operation with similar parameters.

Appreciate everyone's help, I'm hoping it's something simple I'm overlooking.