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REST API Unsupported Grant Type


I am trying to request a token so that I can make requests to our instance's API. This is a demo instance of iMIS for our testing purposes. I am getting an error whenever I try to get a token that says the grant type I am passing in is unsupported.

I pass it just as the documentation says. "grant_type" : "password"

I am pretty sure I am trying to access the correct endpoint, I have my:

https://domain.com/token (https://demo.a-gcs.com/sp/token) what it is actually.

I have seen other questions posted adding a "/Asi.Scheduler_XXXX/token" but I am not sure if this is needed for me. How would I go about finding if it was needed, and if it is needed where do I find the information for the XXXX I assume this is some sort of version number?

Our demo instance's version is I do also want to note I have this request for the token setup in JavaScript and I am using the same jQuery example found here: https://developer.imis.com/reference/bearer-token

I am testing on both the demo site and Postman. The site refreshes a little too quick for me to see other than 400 level error, but in Postman all I get back from a response is
{"error" : "unsupported_grant_type"}

Finally, here is the exact URL I am using. I removed my username and password, but they are there on my end.

Hopefully that gives you a better picture of my issue. I tried to lay out everything I could. Thanks for any assistance you are able to provide!