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REST ContentItem error


Developing REST logic which works in 2017 fine
this helps get "Settings" (entered in ipart configure)

In cloud ( test of same logic get error
{$type: 'System.Web.Http.HttpError, System.Web.Http', Message: 'Authorization has been denied for this request.'}
(had a good bearer token - other API calls worked)
Looking at the documentation 20.3.135 appears API call has changed from 2017, which probably creating this error. Cloud uses only one parameter

Reviewed the SDK documentation and could not see how to get the ContentItemId.
also, while investigating tried this API to get a list of contentItems, but got 404 error?
get 404 - Not found

ASI tech support has reported this as a defect - https://support.imis.com/hc/en-us/requests/236127

Is there example and/or information on how to get the configure settings in cloud (assuming "Returns a ContentItem by id"?). Need to run the ipart display page based on configure settings.

Thanks Nick

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