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PartyImage Public Access

Apologies for any ignorance, I'm not a developer beyond Python Dev but simply trying to pull logos from the partyImage endpoint. My python script is simple:

  1. Request Token Endpoint (get Bearer token)
  2. POST call to the PartyImage (_execute) endpoint and provide the body syntax (see below) with the party ID included using my new token.
  3. Retrieve URL for the image
  4. Take that URL image to do 'other stuff I need'.

I can get to #3 but when I try and open the image I constantly get a 400 error and the page just says 'Bad Request'. But, if I login to iMIS and then try the URL again it works. I would think this is a CORS issue but the interesting part is when I call the image URL and it works after logging into iMIS, it works locally but ALSO my Zapier flow works as well...which I wouldn't think is a CORS issue? Once again, trying to do something pretty simple here from a REST API perspective so hoping this is an easy fix?

Thanks in advance!

body syntax

"$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.GenericExecuteRequest, Asi.Contracts",
"OperationName": "GetProfileVirtualFile",
"EntityTypeName": "PartyImage",
"Parameters": {
"$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection1[[System.Object, mscorlib]], mscorlib", "$values": [ { "$type": "System.String", "$value": "23904" } ] }, "ParameterTypeName": { "$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
"$values": [
"UseJson": false