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Arbitrary Cart Charges


We are in need of applying a surcharge to the cart dependant on a few things which we will calculate. There seems to be no path within iMIS to allow us to charge a user a dynamic, not predefined cost.

I have found a few old conversations asking this: https://developer.imis.com/v20.3.44/discuss/604fa3fa0b7ce000183a3c13

According to this discussion, the solution of updating the comboorder and adding "IsUnitPriceOverridden": true, to the line item works, but I don't think it actually does.

If you try to update a members cart using this method, and try to checkout, it results in the error "Insufficient permissions to override item price"

This makes sense, we wouldn't want members being able to manually set prices to something lower in their cart and checkout. I am just confused why this is being offered as the solution, the only way to have the cart accept an order like this is to be logged in as a staff member, which defeats the purpose as they could just override the price manually anyway.

I feel like a solution could be to allow users to checkout with overridden prices only if the manual price is higher than the items default price (fixes the surcharge use case perfectly)

I am wondering what a solution is to adding dynamic charges to a users cart?