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Getting a 401 unauthorized on valid access tokens

Wanted to run this by the iMIS developer community as I had this occur a few times on iMIS and I can't seem to replicate as easily. Below is the latest scenario. I called the /token endpoint at 2:55pm, 3:06pm, 3:22pm, 3:23pm, 3:24pm, and 3:38pm generating 6 access tokens by the same user with SysAdmin role. Each access token expires an hour from the time it was generated. At 3:38pm I called /api/group using the token that was retrieved at 2:55pm and got the following message. {"$type":"System.Web.Http.HttpError, System.Web.Http","Message":"Authorization has been denied for this request."} If I call /api/group using the access token obtained at 3:24pm or 3:38pm it works. So I'm wondering is this a bad access token that was generated or could iMIS keep track a limited list of valid access tokens so if a new one is generated the oldest one expires?

How we get sandbox account?

How we get sandbox account to validate the data that we pass to iMIS using API? How we check the membership user that register on our site and pass those data to iMIS by API.

PartyMerge Endpoint

Hi Does anyone have an example of a call to PartyMerge? I'm not sure what the following refer to: DuplicatePartyGroupCode DuplicateRuleSetCode EntityTypeName OperationName And also what the two options are for MergeTask Thanks! Travis

Missing page

Hi All, I have a page (#1) which is live in search results, but cannot find it in iMIS. Even if I click (LI state) from search results it comes up in IMIS but when I try to edit this text it opens the second link (which is the correct up to date content). I want to find the content so I can remove and/or expire it. Any ideas please? 1. <https://cecc.org.nz/CECC_Public/About/Enable.aspx> 2. ![](https://files.readme.io/37db8d4-image.png) <https://cecc.org.nz/CECC_Public/About/Our_Partners/Enable.aspx?WebsiteKey=541b6de0-2459-45af-be7d-48aa42b72574> Thanks!

Create accrual dues items

[Creates a Subscription](https://developer.imis.com/reference/postsubscription-1) bring dues items as `Cash` Is it possible to create them as `Accrual` instead? For example: [Generate Renewals Fiddler dump](https://developer.imis.com/discuss/608f556d40271e0038e8bb3c) mentioned being able to use a `LegacyBilling` endpoint. Is that the only way there? Any other options or alternatives?

Create a Credit Invoice Associated with a Product

Hello everyone, In desktop iMIS, accounting users had the ability to create a product order and add a product as order line and assign a negative dollar amount to that item. If this were the only item within the order, which was permitted, and the order processed and invoice generated, a credit invoice was created that was linked to that product code and its respective GL account and GL Org Code. This was utilized constantly by our accounting department due to the nature of our business. Unfortunately, the business rules in iMIS cloud do not permit this type of entry in the iMIS interface. When adding a new product to the cart, users who enter a negative value are prompted that the value must be between $0 and $1,000,000. I have questioned ASI about the cap at $1,000,000 as that seems somewhat arbitrary and we often bill for products in excess of $1,000,000. I have attempted to do this through the Combo Order API endpoint. Unfortunately, if I construct an order with a product with a negative amount, I get the error "Business rule violation. There cannot be a negative balance." I also attempted to create a zero-dollar invoice and then over apply a payment. Unfortunately, the invoice created is not affected and a PrePay is created in addition to the zero-dollar invoice. This too does not meet our needs. Does anyone have any ideas about how to accomplish this? This seems like functionality that should be in the system.

Credit Cards and Combo Orders

We are using iMIS Pay in the US. Is there a way to submit credit card information as a payment within a Combo Order to pay for the items in the order? Thanks, Korey

Add a note to an existing order line

Is there any way through the API to add a note to an existing order line? Thanks, Korey

Adding any Invoice to Cart using REST API

Is it supported? If so, how do we accomplish it? The case scenario is the following: > Allowing any (type of) users to find (all kind of) Invoice records (not necessarily their own) and add them to the RiSE Cart via REST API, thus enabling users to proceed with payments there. This article gives some hints: [Posting an existing invoice to cart](https://developer.imis.com/discuss/60c24445607ac9000fc38b05) _But could not quite figure it all out yet_. Thank you for any assistance.

3D Security for Custom Payment Gateway

We developed a custom made VISA/MasterCard Payment Gateway on IMIS Version Recently VISA/Mastercard upgraded their security and we should quickly adopt 3D Security Version 2 that requires users to be authenticated by their bank. How can we implement this new requirement as there is no provision for a custom made payment gateway to open a challenger modal form on the user interface. do we have an SDK that supports this? Regards