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How to get GLExport file using REST

Is it possible to access the download file from an Export log using the REST API? From iMIS: RiSE website > Finance > Closing procedures > General ledger export > Export log > download ![](https://files.readme.io/edf4817-image.png) Using the iMIS REST API we can: 1. [Creates a GLExport](https://developer.imis.com/reference/postglexport) - that creates a new Export log entry 2. [Executes a GLExport operation](https://developer.imis.com/reference/executeglexport) - that creates an Export File (using previous information) How do we access the download file (using iMIS REST API), which is a compressed ZIP file, containing our export file(s)? Or how can we get the same information as the generated export file(s)? Is there more information available regarding GLExportRequest and its parameters? - TransactionRecordCount? - RequestCulture? Thank you for any insights.

How to get a list of BOEntityDefinition names only

The endpoint: [Returns a list of BOEntityDefinition](https://developer.imis.com/reference/getboentitydefinition-1) retrieves too many information, and performance can be degraded as a result. Is there an alternative if we only need a list of entity names for example? There has been a similar question in the past: [Pulling list of Panel Sources](https://developer.imis.com/discuss/5df952595ed0ad00529eafdd) Where it mentioned `ObjectMetaData`: is there a way to query that?

What was the earliest version of iMIS that supported the REST API?

Hoping someone can answer this one - what was the earliest version of iMIS where the REST API was supported? Version, subversion, patch, etc. (ie, not just 2017). Thanks!

How do "Opt-out" of a communication preference using REST API?

I am trying to "disable" or "opt-out" a communication preference for an iMIS contact. How can I accomplish this using the rest API?

Set Pledge Source Code via REST API

How do we set the source code correctly when creating a pledge using the REST API? When using the "api/ComboOrder" endpoint, the source code value set does not stick for pledges whereas it does for gifts. For example: ```json { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.ComboOrderData, Asi.Contracts", "Order": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.OrderData, Asi.Contracts", "Lines": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.OrderLineDataCollection, Asi.Contracts", "$values": [ { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Fundraising.DataContracts.GiftOrderLineData, Asi.Contracts", "IsGiftAidExcluded": false, "IsPledge": true, "DoNotReceipt": false, "InvoiceReferenceNumber": 0, "PledgeWithPaymentInvolved": false, "Item": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Fundraising.DataContracts.GiftItemData, Asi.Contracts", "ItemId": "GEN" }, "UnitPrice": { "$type": "System.Nullable`1[[Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.MonetaryAmountData, Asi.Contracts]], mscorlib", "Amount": 1.00, "Currency": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.CurrencyData, Asi.Contracts", "DecimalPositions": 2 } }, "SourceCode": "List A" } ] }, "SoldToCustomerParty": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.CustomerPartyData, Asi.Contracts", "Id": "28331" } }, "Payments": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.RemittanceDataCollection, Asi.Contracts", "$values": [ { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.RemittanceData, Asi.Contracts", "PaymentToken": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.AutoPayAccountData, Asi.Contracts", "PaymentMethodIsReadOnly": false }, "PaymentMethod": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.PaymentMethodData, Asi.Contracts" } } ] } } ``` The end result shows a different source code: "BOOK" instead of "List A" in our example ![](https://files.readme.io/49b88d9-image.png) Note: The source code value is set appropriately when creating gifts. What are we missing?

Does limit and offset not work on /changelog endpoints?

UnfortSurely I'm not the first person to attempt to actually use the /changelog endpoint(s)? For me, when querying `/api/Party/33276/changelog?offset=100` the json response does not update accordingly, and I end up iterating infinitely. `json "Offset": 0, "Limit": 100, "Count": 100, "TotalCount": 219, "NextPageLink": null, "HasNext": true, "NextOffset": 100 ` I have posted a bug support request here: <https://support.imis.com/hc/en-us/requests/279921> Example: ![](https://files.readme.io/5b3c928-image.png) Unfortunately this means I cannot finish creating needed reports for staff. Frustrating.

IMIS Software Integration with Shopify

How to integrate IMIS Software with Shopify? Please provide some details for the purpose of IMIS in Shopify. <br> Thanks

EMS - how to logout without clicking the sign out link

Other than clicking the sign out link (manually or via onclick or something), how can I log someone out of EMS? I can't delete the login cookie using client-side JavaScript and the legacy /logout membership service returns an error. Thanks. <br>

Event Registration Cancellations

Good morning, We have been using the Combo Order endpoint for a while to cancel event registrations. However, over the past month or so, we have been receiving an error when we attempt to do this with the combo order. I even grabbed the combo order from the cart for someone I was cancelling and attempted to run it through the Postman as produced by ASI and it failed with the same error. We have found that if we remove the Additional Attribute below from the Lines section of the order, the order lines will be cancelled but the event will not have a status of cancelled. If we leave the IsEventCancellation attribute in, we get the following error, {"$type":"Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.ValidationResultsData, Asi.Contracts","Errors":{"$type":"Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.ValidationResultDataCollection, Asi.Contracts","$values":[{"$type":"Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.ValidationResultData, Asi.Contracts","Message":" \r\n UnknownEntityTypeFault: vBoGiftsReceivedForReceipting Not defined."}]},"Warnings":{"$type":"Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.ValidationResultDataCollection, Asi.Contracts","$values":\[]}}. ```json { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.GenericPropertyData, Asi.Contracts", "Name": "IsEventCancellation", "Value": { "$type": "System.Boolean", "$value": true } } ``` All this seems to have started about the time of the IQA security rollout but I am not certain of the timing. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Korey

IQA security update

Wondering if any solutions provider have run into issues with the latest IQA security patch by ASI. It seems like the recommended fix involves updating all IQAs to All Staff full-control settings; however, this has been identified as potentially problematic, because we have IQAs that depend on authenticated users read, and other access controls. Things like directory search, office search, etc. <br> Curious to know if others have come across this and what's worked.