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PartyImage Public Access

Apologies for any ignorance, I'm not a developer beyond Python Dev but simply trying to pull logos from the partyImage endpoint. My python script is simple: 1. Request Token Endpoint (get Bearer token) 2. POST call to the PartyImage (\_execute) endpoint and provide the body syntax (see below) with the party ID included using my new token. 3. Retrieve URL for the image 4. Take that URL image to do 'other stuff I need'. I can get to #3 but when I try and open the image I constantly get a 400 error and the page just says 'Bad Request'. But, if I login to iMIS and then try the URL again it works. I would think this is a CORS issue but the interesting part is when I call the image URL and it works after logging into iMIS, it works locally but ALSO my Zapier flow works as well...which I wouldn't think is a CORS issue? Once again, trying to do something pretty simple here from a REST API perspective so hoping this is an easy fix? Thanks in advance! body syntax { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.GenericExecuteRequest, Asi.Contracts", "OperationName": "GetProfileVirtualFile", "EntityTypeName": "PartyImage", "Parameters": { "$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1[[System.Object, mscorlib]], mscorlib", "$values": [ { "$type": "System.String", "$value": "23904" } ] }, "ParameterTypeName": { "$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1\[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib", "$values": [ "System.String" ] }, "UseJson": false }

Can you hyperlink a profile image?

When building an IQA using CsNamePicture as a source and displaying the Picture Logo as column a column in the query, iMIS will display the profile image. Is there a way to hyperlink the image to an internal content page? I tried to do by placing a URL in the Link column within the display line of the query. The text of the link was /Directories/Member_Roster.aspx?ID[code_ID]. While the link worked just fine, the images were all replaced by hyperlinked text that displayed as "System.Byte\[]". Thanks for your help.

IQA new query endpoints

Hi there, In relation to this post: <https://developer.imis.com/discuss/5b2c0aab50515000033b3713>, and more specifically, the second to last post, a comment was made regarding new endpoints for IQA's that provide a cleaner JSON response: "For IQAs, iMIS EMS has a new query endpoint (/api/query) that will return the IQA results formatted more cleanly, for example:" Could we get an example of this endpoint in more detail. The current response from IQAs is a heavily nested JSON object that requires constant de/reserialisation. Thanks


Hello, I'm using the REST API for iMIS EMS to try to update a panel source. Is there anyway to use PATCH to just update one property that I care about? Or do I have to fetch the entire entity, manipulate my one property, and then send it back as a PUT? Thanks, Joe

Where can I find Order_Meet.UF_1 thru UF_10

Can't seem to narrow down where these fields are via the API (or even if they're available any more). Thanks.

Deleting Party records with REST API

We are wondering what exactly is being removed when we call the endpoint to [remove a Party by id](https://developer.imis.com/reference/deletepartybyid-1). Is this information available for review? For example: - Does it remove (legacy) Activity records? - Does it remove panel sources data associated with the delete record? - What about Orders? Gifts? Event Registrations? etc. Is it also possible with REST API to delete more than one record at a time? The use case being: a load testing process was completed and now we would like to remove all data it created...

How to move program item to registration item?

EMS, event was originally set up with a program item that now needs to be a registration item. It already has registrations. In SQL it's a checkbox (pretty much), I can't seem to get a PUT Event to work (not documented). Is there a way to do it that doesn't involve deleting the function and adding it? Thanks.

Deadlocks on TaskQueue and TaskQueuePublishDetail

One of our clients with two iMIS servers talking to the same database started monitoring for deadlocks, and they are seeing a high volume of deadlocks on the TaskQueue and TaskQueuePublishDetail pages. We haven't dug very deep yet, but it appears both servers are trying to execute PA+ tasks, or possibly "publishing" (indexing) contacts, events, products. A classic race condition. We don't see any problem with processes running twice, we just don't want them to run simultaneously. Given that these servers are meant to operate as load balanced and/or failover, we want them both to stay active and current. It's also critical that their system clocks remain in sync. What strategies could we use to reduce the race condition? Even if we could get one of the servers to process 1/4 second later, it should make a huge difference.

PowerBi iMIS

Hi, Has anyone previously integrated iMIS with PowerBi. How was your experience. How long did the project take? Kind regards, Saif

Create Event Registration options with Pricing Group via REST API

Hello, We are looking to creating Events via the iMIS REST API, which would include setting up different Registration options with various Pricing Group information. For example, having different pricing policies for members and non-members (default) or even having custom Pricing Group defined. From RiSE website there are always two Pricing Group out of the box on any event: Default and Members ![](https://files.readme.io/cb3e286-image.png) When we query the ItemPrice endpoint it always returns only one line, for example: `api/ItemPrice?ItemId=ANNCONF/1DAY` ```json { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.PagedResult`1[[Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.ItemPriceData, Asi.Contracts]], Asi.Contracts", "Items": { "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.ItemPriceData, Asi.Contracts]], mscorlib", "$values": [ { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.ItemPriceData, Asi.Contracts", "ItemPriceId": "ANNCONF/1DAY:Standard:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000:USD", "Item": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.ItemSummaryData, Asi.Contracts", "ItemId": "ANNCONF/1DAY" }, "PriceSheet": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.PriceSheetSummaryData, Asi.Contracts", "Description": "", "Name": "", "PriceSheetId": "Standard" }, "Currency": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.CurrencyData, Asi.Contracts", "CurrencyCode": "USD", "DecimalPositions": 2 }, "SalesUom": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.UomSummaryData, Asi.Contracts", "UomId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Name": "", "Description": "" }, "DefaultPrice": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.MonetaryAmountData, Asi.Contracts", "Amount": 200.0000, "Currency": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.CurrencyData, Asi.Contracts", "CurrencyCode": "USD", "DecimalPositions": 2 } }, "IncomeAccount": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.FinancialAccountData, Asi.Contracts", "GLAccount": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.GLAccountData, Asi.Contracts", "GLAccountCode": "" } }, "SpecialPriceRules": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.SpecialPriceRuleDataCollection, Asi.Contracts", "$values": [ { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.SpecialPriceRuleData, Asi.Contracts", "SpecialPriceRuleId": "NM:EarlyFee", "Name": "NM:EarlyFee", "Description": "Non-Member", "EndDate": "2023-03-01T00:00:00", "Amount": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.MonetaryAmountData, Asi.Contracts", "Amount": 175.0000, "Currency": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.CurrencyData, Asi.Contracts", "CurrencyCode": "USD", "DecimalPositions": 2 } } }, { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.SpecialPriceRuleData, Asi.Contracts", "SpecialPriceRuleId": "NM:LateFee", "Name": "NM:LateFee", "Description": "Non-Member", "BeginDate": "2023-05-03T00:00:00", "EndDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00", "Amount": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.MonetaryAmountData, Asi.Contracts", "Amount": 250.0000, "Currency": { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.CurrencyData, Asi.Contracts", "CurrencyCode": "USD", "DecimalPositions": 2 } } }, { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Commerce.DataContracts.Pricing.LegacyPriceRuleData, Asi.Contracts", "RuleCustomerType": "NM" } ] } } ] }, "Offset": 0, "Limit": 100, "Count": 1, "TotalCount": 0, "NextPageLink": null, "HasNext": false, "NextOffset": 0 } ``` This looks similar to a question asked before: [Create Event RegistrationOptions with the API](https://developer.imis.com/discuss/651b28adddc70b000b40b344) Is there additional information available on this subject? Or should we contact [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) about an api enhancement? Thank you for your consideration.