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Update Order Confirmation Date Time via REST API

Is it possible to set the `Orders.CONFIRMATION_DATE_TIME` property using iMIS REST API?

2 Questions About the iMIS APIs

Dear colleagues, I hope this email finds you well! I am reaching out to see if anyone has insight into the following: Instead of updating, deleting, etc. from panel sources using the APIs (which is fairly straightforward), does anyone have any insight into performing an update, delete, and edit using an IQA ? If so, would you be able to provide C# or PHP examples demonstrating this process? Alternately, worst case scenario, is there a comprehensive list of panel sources by name or a better way to get a handle on that data structure? Last, but not least, if there are any webinars or resources that you recommend I explore, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions! My goal is to avoid reinventing the wheel and to leverage existing knowledge and best practices. Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you can provide. Your assistance is highly valued and appreciated.

PUT at https://{{URL}}/api/Event/:EventId

Good afternoon, While PUT is not documented for events, I tested it in our development environment and it seemed to work as I saw functions updated with the data I passed; however, when I looked more closely at what was updated, the updates seemed random. In an event with around 100 event functions, a good number of them were properly updated while the others were unchanged. Any idea as to why this may be happening? I first got the event data, then updated the JSON, keeping all of the event functions in the Functions object. The result was what was described previously. I thought maybe the JSON is too long; so, I removed all the functions but one and pretty much everything else in the event object except for EventCode and type and resubmitted. The one function in the functions object did not update. If this worked properly, it would save my staff significant time over having to go into each event function through the interface and wait on iMIS to save and reload. In a complex event, that is very time consuming. Thanks, Korey

Create DUES Subscriptions in iMIS 2017 using the API?

Does anyone know if it is possible to create DUES subscription lines in iMIS 2017 using the API?

IMIS Software Integration with Shopify

How to integrate IMIS Software with Shopify? Please provide some details for the purpose of IMIS in Shopify. <br> Thanks

EMS - how to logout without clicking the sign out link

Other than clicking the sign out link (manually or via onclick or something), how can I log someone out of EMS? I can't delete the login cookie using client-side JavaScript and the legacy /logout membership service returns an error. Thanks. <br>

IQA security update

Wondering if any solutions provider have run into issues with the latest IQA security patch by ASI. It seems like the recommended fix involves updating all IQAs to All Staff full-control settings; however, this has been identified as potentially problematic, because we have IQAs that depend on authenticated users read, and other access controls. Things like directory search, office search, etc. <br> Curious to know if others have come across this and what's worked.

301 redirects for website migration

Hello folks, We're migrating our website form wordpress to RiSE, and I can't find any way to set up 301 redirects. Can anyone advise? Many thanks, John

Onlie Store or Shop into Mobile Application Integration

We have eCommerce Store, <https://members.crsi.org/Members/Store>. How can we implement this into our Mobile Application without Header and Footer, please advice.

PartyImage Public Access

Apologies for any ignorance, I'm not a developer beyond Python Dev but simply trying to pull logos from the partyImage endpoint. My python script is simple: 1. Request Token Endpoint (get Bearer token) 2. POST call to the PartyImage (\_execute) endpoint and provide the body syntax (see below) with the party ID included using my new token. 3. Retrieve URL for the image 4. Take that URL image to do 'other stuff I need'. I can get to #3 but when I try and open the image I constantly get a 400 error and the page just says 'Bad Request'. But, if I login to iMIS and then try the URL again it works. I would think this is a CORS issue but the interesting part is when I call the image URL and it works after logging into iMIS, it works locally but ALSO my Zapier flow works as well...which I wouldn't think is a CORS issue? Once again, trying to do something pretty simple here from a REST API perspective so hoping this is an easy fix? Thanks in advance! body syntax { "$type": "Asi.Soa.Core.DataContracts.GenericExecuteRequest, Asi.Contracts", "OperationName": "GetProfileVirtualFile", "EntityTypeName": "PartyImage", "Parameters": { "$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1[[System.Object, mscorlib]], mscorlib", "$values": [ { "$type": "System.String", "$value": "23904" } ] }, "ParameterTypeName": { "$type": "System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1\[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib", "$values": [ "System.String" ] }, "UseJson": false }