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Delete Cart after successful payment?

Are we meant to be explicitly deleting the cart after a payment is assigned to a ComboOrder through REST? I can still see carts that I have paid off through REST, but I note when I pay off an existing invoice in iMIS the cart is removed after payment.

Updates an instance of LegacyEventFunctionAttendance by id

Hi, while trying to use this in, I get that the requested resource does not support http method 'PUT'. Has this functionality been removed in iMIS EMS? It is still listed as a method in the API Reference, https://developer.imis.com/reference/putlegacyeventfunctionattendancebyid.

Updates A Group Member by Id Endpoint

Good morning, We are attempting to add and remove relationships using the GroupMember endpoints; however, when we attempt a PUT at the Updates A Group Member by Id endpoint, https://developer.imis.com/reference/putgroupmemberbyid, we get the message that PUT is not supported. Also, can you provide information about the third number is the GroupMemberDetailId. We understand that the first number is the parent in the relationship and the second number is the child in the relationship; however, we do not know where the third number is coming from or how to add it when adding a new relationship. Any example JSON of this process would be appreciated. Thanks, Korey

UserSecurity Endpoint

Good morning, When attempting to create a new user via the UserSecurity endpoint, I get the message "Does not have required permission. (O)" I have changed permissions for the postman user with no success. I am following the documentation at https://developer.imis.com/reference/postusersecurity. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Korey

/api/iqa linit command not working for over 500

In the example below we are trying to get the results of a query string queryPath = "$/MPStaff/Reports/Masterplumber Reports/Find Plumbers Extract"; string requiredParameter = "&Limit=600"; // Define headers for a REST API connection HttpClient client = new HttpClient(); client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Bearer", strsessionAccesstoken); client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json")); // Make a request to the API HttpResponseMessage queryResult = client.GetAsync($"{strdomainname}/api/iqa?QueryName={queryPath}/{requiredParameter}").Result; In iMS the IQA returns more than 500 records, but the API only returns 500, even if we use the limit command in the request. Is there a way to ensure all records are returned by the API? Cheers

Asi.Contracts dll

Is there a place to get the latest Asi.Contracts dll for use in external development against the API?

REST API - Is it possible to find the one most recently modified party?

I've tried this and several variations on "UpdatedOn," but haven't had luck retrieving the one most recently modified record: /api/Party?orderby=UpdatedOn:Descending&limit=1 Is this possible? Thanks!


I need a little help as we are working on one of the IMis integration with the cloud version of IMis and facing one issue. We are receiving the refresh_token and call is getting redirected to our application, but after when we call token API to verify the client token getting the invalid grant type error passing these parramters curl -X POST \ https://demoaisp38.imiscloud.com/token \ -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \ -H 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ -H 'postman-token: f024c114-fcf9-6325-e2e8-874a44016bea' \ -d 'grant_type=refresh_token&client_id=test&client_secret=test&refresh_token=688449fc4e8043a39c8f45fabb7d1ea7' the response we getting back is invalid grant type any help what we doing wrong

Limit on number of fields in a old-customizer table / Business Object

We're seeing numerous errors in the IIS logs (and event viewer) by a third party application (OK, Clowder) calling a UD table. The error is generally something like: `System.ArgumentException: Error creating a repository for: EntityTypeName: csContact, Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. System.ArgumentException: Must specify valid information for parsing in the string.` The specific endpoint that's failing is: /api/csDemographics Both of these work: /api/Demographics and /api/vbocsDemographics There are 105 fields in the table. I need know if - There are a limit of fields (105 seems high) - The endpoint they're calling is valid Thanks

iMIS Integration

We have an active iMIS SSO integration for WordPress and are working on improving it. I tried to get in touch with a partner integration email with no success. Can anyone please guide me further?