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User Endpoint

Is there a user endpoint that just gets information about the user that passes the token via OAuth? Most api's have a /user to get the information. Either that or something more useful than just the userName in the JSON passed back. Once I have the userName in the JSON, then I have to make a call to /user/?username=xxxx, which we all know is slower than if we just had the ID and is also misleading as we want just a single user, but if we have to do /user/?username=xxx the data that is passed back is an array. Should this be something talked about with productowners or is there a secret call somewhere to help just return the single user information after getting an OAuth token.

Financial batches in REST/SOA

Can we create batches through REST/SOA and if so can we dictate which batch a transaction uses through the API? I can only see the API use a common AUTOBATCH across all transactions for the day.

Is there anything on certification yet?

Anything we can use for certification (new version)? Thanks.

Can you do put to update a comboorder status?

Can you do put to update a comboorder status in 2017 releases? Client wants update orders set stage='Completed'

PUT /party/[ID] question/issue

It appears that while I can update a PartyId, I can't do it without the "PersonName" and "PartyId" elements in the payload. It's not so much the PersonName as the underlying FirstName and LastName fields, but same issue. If I have an ID and want to just update the email address (for example), I need to make a GET call to pull the PersonName info, just to put it back to update the email address. Also, having to include PartyId:101 when the 101 is in the endpoint URL seems a little duplicitous. What would be great is to be able to PUT (or PATCH) using something like this as a payload: { "Emails":[ { "EmailType":_Primary", "Address":"[email protected]" } ] } No need for anything else. But I'd settle for a single call that doesn't require the name and second ID data elements.