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Refunds through the API

We have a combo order where event items are being cancelled resulting in a credit. Is there a way to process the refund through the API? Thanks, Korey

Number of Copies Cannot Be Updated via PUT on Subscription Endpoint

Good afternoon, I attempted to update the number of copies on a subscription that had been created in a previous version using the PUT method on the subscription endpoint; unfortunately, the number did not change. Could you please let me know how to update the number of copies in iMIS Cloud? Thanks, Korey

API url for SSO auth

Hi, I am using iMIS for SSO. How do I call the users API to retrieve a user with login credentials to authenticate them for sign in? Couldn't find this information in the docs

Unlinking a record from a company using REST

Hi everyone, We're trying to remove a record from a company programmatically and one of the steps involved is to delete the work address of the record. ASI let us know that deleting an address is not possible currently, but another workaround was suggested which involves setting the MarkedForDelete property as true for the address and then trying to delete it. But the property isn't on the response at all and even a PUT update with the property for the address doesn't seem to stick. Has anyone ever previously tried to unlink a record from a company using REST? Or does anyone any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks, Ram Devarapu

REST API - how to change expiration date on user credentials?

Hello - wondering if it's possible to change the expiration date on user credentials in the API?

How do I enable a content search box for public website?

We are running iMIS 2017 and would want to have a content search box for public users

Finance - Batch exporting

We are currently exporting batches by batch into MYOB using a macro to convert the file. I am inclined to change this to "export by detail" (each journal entry (debit and credit) line will be exported and organized by date, Financial entity, and then by overall journal entry in the order the transactions were processed in iMIS. The greatest amount of information is returned using this option.) Could anyone please share their experience with this option and the pros and cons of exporting in detail? Could anyone please share their experience with changing over from exporting by batch to exporting by detail? Were there any problems encountered with converting via the macro for MYOB? ie did a new macro need to be created? Thank you

Update Descriptions and other fields in Campaing and Appeal

The following endpoints creates the record, but not updating other fields such as Description api/SourceCodeSummary api/AppealSummary api/CampaignSummar

Single Sign On - Correct way to exchange a refresh token for /api/Party data?

Hi - so, if I use Single Sign On to authenticate a user, I get a refresh token, which I then exchange for an access token - here's the screenshot from online documentation: ![](https://files.readme.io/692a711-image.png) And then I'm using the access_token to get data from the /api/party endpoint - no problem - except, if I test the SSO with the manager account, and I call /api/party, I get lots of results - so I'm wondering, how should I correctly use the access_token (and userName, I'm guessing) to get Party data for the authenticated user only? For instance, if I authenticate as manager, I will get userName=manager here, and then I want to call /api/Party and get only one result - the Party record for manager. I need to make sure that this works for any user that authenticates with SSO. So, I thought of going through CsWebUser?UserId={userName}, and then calling api/Party/{ID from the CsWebUser call}, but I'm not positive that a less privileged user would be able to access the CsWebUser endpoint. This would need to work for any user that authenticates through the SSO. Thanks!

REST API: System.Data.ObjectNotFoundException: Item to be saved not found in identity map

Hi - this is iMIS 2017 ( I have a business object called TestFreightRate composed of all the columns of the Freight_Rate table except for timestamp. If I try to update a record in the REST API, I'm getting a 500 Internal Server Error response. I'm doing a PUT to this API path: /api/TestFreightRate/~UPS-Ground|1|002 See attached screenshots of the business object, API GET request, API PUT request, and the error message from the event viewer on the web server. Here's the stack trace: ``` System.Data.ObjectNotFoundException: Item to be saved not found in identity map. at Asi.Soa.Core.Domain.PersistenceStrategyBase.RetrieveIdentityItem(IdentityData identityData) at Asi.Soa.Core.Persistence.BusinessPersistenceStrategyBase.SaveChanged(Object entityInstance) at Asi.Soa.Core.Domain.Repository.PersistChanged(Object entityInstance) at Asi.Soa.Core.Domain.UnitOfWork.Persist() at Asi.Soa.Core.Domain.UnitOfWork.Commit() at Asi.Services.Core.EntityServiceToCommonServiceAdapter1.Update(TDataContract dataContract) at Asi.Services.Core.EntityServiceToCommonServiceAdapter1.Update(Object dataContract) at Castle.Proxies.Invocations.ICommonService_Update.InvokeMethodOnTarget() at Castle.DynamicProxy.AbstractInvocation.Proceed() at Asi.Shared.Aspects.CacheAspect.Intercept(IInvocation invocation) in C:\\Builds\\208\\ScrumV3\\sp137_Main10\\Sources\\MainFoundation\\imis.net\\Packages\\Platform\\Asi.Shared\\Aspects\\CacheAspect.cs:line 62 at Castle.DynamicProxy.AbstractInvocation.Proceed() at Asi.Services.Core.Interceptors.CommonSecurityAspect.Intercept(IInvocation invocation) at Castle.DynamicProxy.AbstractInvocation.Proceed() at Asi.Services.Core.Interceptors.ServiceTaskTriggerInterceptor.Intercept(IInvocation invocation) at Castle.DynamicProxy.AbstractInvocation.Proceed() at Asi.Shared.Aspects.PerformanceAspect.Intercept(IInvocation invocation) in C:\\Builds\\208\\ScrumV3\\sp137_Main10\\Sources\\MainFoundation\\imis.net\\Packages\\Platform\\Asi.Shared\\Aspects\\PerformanceAspect.cs:line 55 at Castle.DynamicProxy.AbstractInvocation.Proceed() at Castle.Proxies.ICommonService\\1Proxy_2.Update(Object dataContract) at Asi.Scheduler.Controllers.CommonServiceController.Put(String entityName, String entityId, Object entity) ``` I realize it's possible to update the record using the api/Freight_Rate endpoint, but due to an idiosyncrasy of our iDMS product, it'd be better if we could update a business object wrapping the Freight_Rate table. Thanks