Existing iMIS data-import capabilities

For traditional data conversions, you can use existing workbook tools, or adapt existing batch import approaches to make conversions simpler and more reliable:

  • For primarily static data (contacts, addresses, demographics, history) use the Workbook Converter.
  • For certain types of transactional data (order, invoice, payment, donation, item), use an adapted batch import approach (iMIS 20-200 and 20-300 only).

The File Importer for Web Services content item (File Importer) allows you to import a tab-delimited file into iMIS. This content item works in conjunction with the File Viewer and Log Viewer content items:


The Fundraising > Import donations navigation item in the Staff site is an example of how these three content items work together:


Currently, this content item is configured out-of-the-box to import donations and source codes, but with a few adjustments, you can define your own custom file format.