iMIS SDK Developer Guide

The iMIS software development kit (SDK) provides a secure set of web services for accessing the iMIS platform, across the organization, across different physical locations, and even across organizational boundaries.

This documentation contains the following sections and supports iMIS versions 20.2.26 (iMIS 20-300), 100.1.65 (iMIS 20-100 and iMIS 20-200), and later versions, unless a specific environment is specified.

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Importing data into iMIS

A common need for many organizations is to import data that is collected from an external source. This involves a variety of data types. Before deciding whether or not to create a new custom import capability to meet your needs, you should review the existing options. This section describes the data-import options currently available in iMIS. Subsequent sections provide example tutorials on how you can code a custom import format option.

Importing data into iMIS

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