iMIS SDK Developer Guide

The iMIS software development kit (SDK) provides a secure set of web services for accessing the iMIS platform, across the organization, across different physical locations, and even across organizational boundaries.

This documentation contains the following sections and supports iMIS versions 20.2.26 (iMIS 20-300), 100.1.65 (iMIS 20-100 and iMIS 20-200), and later versions, unless a specific environment is specified.

Data models list the properties available and their datatype, and will explain the purpose of each property. Swagger files describe the API and can be used by the Swagger-UI project to display the API and Swagger-Codegen to generate clients in various languages. Additional utilities can also take advantage of the resulting files, such as testing tools.

For more information, see iMIS REST API Data models and swagger json files.

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SOA web services



This content is not for iMIS Cloud.

There are several supported ways to access the iMIS SOA web services:

  • HTTP API (REST) – Best for internal/trusted access and external/authenticated access
  • SOAP – Should only be used for external/authenticated access
  • WCF (C# EndPoints for C# .Net development) – Should only be used for internal/trusted access:
    • HTTP
    • NetTCP

The following table provides a list of common development use cases that require accessing SOA web services. This table also identifies the supported ways to access the SOA web services based on the use case and your iMIS platform:

Use caseiMIS 20-100iMIS 20-200iMIS 20-300
General content item developmentREST, JavaScriptREST, JavaScriptREST, SOAP, C#, JavaScript
Small widgetsREST, JavaScript, JQueryREST, JavaScript, JQueryREST, JavaScript, C#, JQuery
Single-page applications (SPA)REST, JavaScript, SPA frameworksREST, JavaScript, SPA frameworksREST, JavaScript, SPA frameworks
SOA utilitiesREST, JavaScriptREST, JavaScriptREST, SOAP, C#, other languages

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SOA web services

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