Working with Dynamic Content Items

iMIS Dynamic Content Items (generally referred to as iParts in this guide) are unique components that extend the functionality of iMIS through the RiSE web engagement platform.

An iPart is an iMIS-specific web part that represents a building block of features that you can place on a content record with other building blocks to create new pages of features. Multiple iParts can be combined and displayed in a content record as you prefer.

In iMIS, the RiSE Content Gallery contains convenient, ready-to-use iParts that can be quickly added to a web page. The Content Gallery contains comprehensive iParts to help you present content based on data in iMIS across all facets of iMIS including commerce, communities, contacts, fundraising, and much more.

You can also create custom .NET iParts to add functionality that meets your organization’s needs. Two types of iParts can be added to RiSE:

  • Client-based (preferred)
  • Webform-based (ASCX)

To add a custom iPart to iMIS, you must add a new content type. The content type identifies the URL, controls, parameters, and assemblies needed for the iPart to work properly. After the content type is added, the iPart is registered in RiSE and included in the Content Gallery. This allows you to add the iPart to any web content page.