Testing REST applications

While developing, it is recommended you query against the API to review the data structure and to review the data contracts. The following are a few recommended tools:

  • Advanced REST Client or Postman for pass-through access to the API. Requires that cookies be shared with the iMIS application and the tool. You can find Postman-specific resources for easily testing iMIS REST endpoints locally with iMIS Enterprise Postman Collection v20.3.166
  • Fiddler. Inspect HTTP traffic and debug code errors.
  • A browser.

When using a client tool or developing in JavaScript, you will need a token to make a request to the API. If you are using the iMIS web application pass-through method, the browser or application will also need access to the login cookie of the user you are logged in as.

If you are working with Autopay there is a collection of REST endpoints related to Autopay in iMIS here.

There is a document explaining how to set up iMIS to work with Fiddler to view the REST calls it is making, and how to then add these calls to Postman here