Party, Person, Organization, ComboParty, and Groups

UBL TermDescription
PartyA Person or an Organization who plays a role in a business transaction.
PersonAn individual contact.
OrganizationA group of Persons in the broadest sense: a company, institute, or other type of group that will play a role in a business transaction.
ComboPartyCreated exclusively to represent an iMIS record that holds both a contact and an institute. (that is, a Name record that has Individual information but represents an Institute.)
  • A Person is associated with their primary Organization through the Person's PrimaryOrganizationInformation.
  • The Party's FullAddress contains an (optional) basic postal/physical address, as well as associated phone, fax, email, and other information. This is different from the iMIS15 concept of a full address, which is a fully formatted physical address. In SOA, the FullAddress combines all of the elements of a physical address with the phone, email, and fax associated with the address purpose.
  • Part of the FullAddress, the CommunicationPreference indicates the reasons that the address should be used. This is not the traditional address purpose, which is a property within the FullAddress in its own right. CommunicationPreference is a collection of reasons to use the address, such as for alerts, or relating to a specific committee, and so forth.