iMIS SDK Developer Guide

The iMIS software development kit (SDK) provides a secure set of web services for accessing the iMIS platform, across the organization, across different physical locations, and even across organizational boundaries.

This documentation contains the following sections and supports iMIS versions 20.2.26 (iMIS 20-300), 100.1.65 (iMIS 20-100 and iMIS 20-200), and later versions, unless a specific environment is specified.

Data models list the properties available and their datatype, and will explain the purpose of each property. Swagger files describe the API and can be used by the Swagger-UI project to display the API and Swagger-Codegen to generate clients in various languages. Additional utilities can also take advantage of the resulting files, such as testing tools.

For more information, see iMIS REST API Data models and swagger json files.

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Fundraising primary entities

  • FriendraisingSettings – Settings used to manage the transfer of data from the iMIS Friendraising module into the iMIS database by way of the Friendraising bridge, including details of how to access and authenticate to the bridge and how values are mapped by the bridge.
  • Transaction – Contains data for Friendraising, including survey questions, tribute details, monthly donation plan information, registration information, and the iMIS event to which the donation is linked.
  • ImportedPayment – Used with recurring donations. Contains the recurring donation details supplied by a bank or financial institution for loading into iMIS. This includes the charity bank details, the donor bank details (account name, branch code and account number), the donation amount, and the payment date. This is the sort of information that would usually be included in a BACS import file.
  • TributeType – Used when creating donations. Pulls a list of tribute types and their descriptions (for example, In Memory of) and specifies the type of tribute within a TributeInformation object.
  • TributeInformation – Used when adding a tribute donation. Specifies the tribute type, the party the gift is in tribute of, and the party that should be notified of the tribute gift.

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Fundraising primary entities

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